Timber Gates

Our solid timber gates are made from hardwood Iroko timber.


Metal Gates

Our security gates are bespoke made to suit individual customer requirements.


Clad Gates

Composite infill is maintenance free and is available in several finishes and colours.


Industrial Gates

All types and any combination of access control may be used to activate the gates.


Swing Gate Automation

All automatic gate systems can be operated by various methods.


Security Barriers

They are 100% duty cycle rated which means they can run constantly 24 hours a day.



Manual bollards are available in a selection of sizes to suit various security requirements.


Gate Controls

Intercom systems enable a visitor at the gate entrance to communicate with persons within the property.


Gate Servicing

You have a duty of care to ensure the gate system is well maintained and safe to use.


Gate Repairs

We also service and repair systems which have not been installed by ourselves.

Gate / Barrier Servicing:

It is vital that all installations are maintained and serviced on a regular bases. As the owner and operator of an Automatic Gate System, you have a duty of care to ensure the gate system is well maintained and safe to use.

Also regular servicing helps to ensure continued safety and reliability of operation and is also recommended even if the equipment is still under warranty to act as preventative maintenance. Many call-outs could be prevented if gates are annually serviced.

Servicing varies depending on the application however examples of works are as follows:

  • Checking of all Hydraulics and changing oil if necessary
  • Testing of Control Panel Operating Logics
  • Checking of all wiring terminations and reconnecting where necessary
  • Testing of all Safety Devices – e.g. Photocells and Safety Induction Loops
  • Testing of all Control Devices – e.g. Intercoms, keypads, push switches, transmitters etc.
  • Cleaning and testing of Electromechanical or Magnetic locks
  • Cleaning of Electronic Control Panel Circuit Board
  • Cleaning of Drive Units
  • Greasing of all working parts
  • Checking and tightening of gate racking where necessary
  • Engineers work sheet on completion of service
  • You will receive a full written report listing the engineers findings which will be emailed / posted to you.

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Site Risk Assessment

In accordance with government health and safety notices: ase autogate will survey each system and carry out a site risk assessment to identify any safety issues with the system and also ensure all existing safety elements are in good working order.

Domestic customer recommended at least once per year.

Multi occupancy, businesses, schools, etc recommended twice per year.

ASE Ltd can also service automatic bollards, roller shutter doors, automatic swing doors and access control.

Bollard servicing is recommended twice per year, one visual inspection and one complete removal and inspection. However if a domestic owner we would recommend once per year and this would be full removal and inspection.

Being a service customer you will also receive 10% off parts excluding remote transmitters and reduced call-outs throughout the term or your service and maintenance agreement. Servicing is booked around 4-6 weeks in advance. We offer a 1 year service and maintenance agreement (subject to price changes per year) or a 3 year fixed price service and maintenance agreement, please contact Abigail Steel on 01274 585 222 for costs and more information.

Gate Servicing From ASE

Please do not hesitate to contact us today should you require your Gate Servicing.
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