Timber Gates

Our solid timber gates are made from hardwood Iroko timber.


Metal Gates

Our security gates are bespoke made to suit individual customer requirements.


Clad Gates

Composite infill is maintenance free and is available in several finishes and colours.


Industrial Gates

All types and any combination of access control may be used to activate the gates.


Swing Gate Automation

All automatic gate systems can be operated by various methods.


Security Barriers

They are 100% duty cycle rated which means they can run constantly 24 hours a day.



Manual bollards are available in a selection of sizes to suit various security requirements.


Gate Controls

Intercom systems enable a visitor at the gate entrance to communicate with persons within the property.


Gate Servicing

You have a duty of care to ensure the gate system is well maintained and safe to use.


Gate Repairs

We also service and repair systems which have not been installed by ourselves.

Swing Gate Automation Yorkshire

Automation equipment can usually be installed to existing gates providing they are in good condition.

On swing gates there are two types of systems available, underground and surface ‘arm’ type drive units.

Underground units are more discrete as they are hidden within the ground underneath the hinge stile of the gate.

Surface arm drive units are more visible as they are usually positioned at mid height on the rear, secure side of the gates.

If the gates need to be altered for automation, this is something we could also carry out for you, if necessary.

All automatic gate systems can be operated by various methods including remote control fobs, intercom systems, digital keypads and also from a mobile or landline telephones. This means you can operate your automated gates from anywhere your mobile phone has a signal – even whilst abroad.

The GSM intercoms are an excellent and secure way to control your gates as all operation can be controlled from your mobile telephone. This also allows you to speak to visitors or deliveries, even whilst you’re away from your property.

Gate Mounted Arm Type Systems

In general this type of gate automation system is slightly lower in cost to install than the underground system. We offer electro-mechanical systems which are designed for residential gates as well as the electro-hydraulic units which are ideally suited for gates needing more frequent use.

Both of these systems are extremely robust and reliable and also have the option of the ‘anti-crush’ obstacle detection system which, along with other safety devices helps prevent trapping within the gates and enables the gate system comply with current regulations.

Underground Systems

This type of Gate Automation system offers a more discrete solution. The underground system is installed underneath the rear hinge style of the gate and is therefore not as visible, offering a more aesthetically pleasing solution. Underground systems are also available as electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic systems.

Underground systems have the option of the ‘anti-crush’ obstacle detection system which, along with other safety devices helps to prevent trapping within the gates and enables the gate system comply with current regulations.

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Newark Gate

Sliding Gate Automation in West Yorkshire

Automated sliding gates run on a rack & pinion drive system, they are quiet in operation, reliable and offer an excellent degree of security. We offer a range of operators to drive gates from 300Kg up to the heaviest gates at around 4000Kg, allowing us to secure virtually any opening width using a sliding gate.

The use of a sliding gate may allow you to make better use of the space available at the entrance area. There are two types of sliding gate available, ‘tracked’ systems and ‘cantilever’ systems.

‘Cantilever’ gates tend to be installed where the ground is not level across the width of the entrance. They are supported from a larger support system at the rear of the gate, this enables the gate to travel above the ground level.

Gate Automation From ASE, West Yorkshire.

‘Tracked’ sliding gates are supported on a steel support track which is set into the ground across the full opening / closing travel distance of the gate.

All sliding gates we install are fitted with the correct safety devices such as photocells and resistive rubber edges to help prevent trapping within the gate and to ensure the gate complies with current regulations.

Narey Gate

Tracked Sliding Gate

As the name suggests, this type of gate runs upon a track set which is set into the ground across the entrance and to the ‘run-back’ area of the gate. This system requires a level ground area to be created throughout the complete open / close cycle of the gate as the gate travels upon a steel beam which is concreted securely into place.

Art Deco Sliding Gate

Cantilever Sliding Gate

A cantilever gate is usually installed where the width of the entrance area is not level or where the entrance is to have very heavy traffic flow. Cantilever gates are supported with a steel guide channel attached to the bottom of the gate and two carriage / wheels which are attached to a steel beam set into a concrete foundation at the rear of the gate area.

Gates of up to 12 mtrs wide can be reliably automated in this way.

All the correct safety devices are installed to ensure the gate meets with current safety regulations.

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