Timber Gates

Our solid timber gates are made from hardwood Iroko timber.


Metal Gates

Our security gates are bespoke made to suit individual customer requirements.


Clad Gates

Composite infill is maintenance free and is available in several finishes and colours.


Industrial Gates

All types and any combination of access control may be used to activate the gates.


Swing Gate Automation

All automatic gate systems can be operated by various methods.


Security Barriers

They are 100% duty cycle rated which means they can run constantly 24 hours a day.



Manual bollards are available in a selection of sizes to suit various security requirements.


Gate Controls

Intercom systems enable a visitor at the gate entrance to communicate with persons within the property.


Gate Servicing

You have a duty of care to ensure the gate system is well maintained and safe to use.


Gate Repairs

We also service and repair systems which have not been installed by ourselves.

Gate Controls West Yorkshire

Remote Control Transmitters

Most residential gate systems are operated by means of remote control transmitters which will allow control of the security gates from a distance of approximately 30m – 50m away.

GSM systems can be fitted which will enable the system to be operated by use of your mobile telephone, meaning the distance from which the system can be operated is unlimited.

Proximity Systems

Proximity fob / card systems are usually installed to larger multi-user sites. These allow security gate systems to be operated by presenting a card or fob to a vandal resistant reader. The security gate is then activated allowing access. Cards or fobs can be easily added or deleted individually, even if the fob has been lost or stolen, without the need to cancel other fobs which are programmed on the system.

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GSM Intercom With Keypad

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems enable a visitor at the gate entrance to communicate with persons within or even away from the property. Visitors would press a call button on the intercom unit positioned at the gate entrance which would then call a handset within the property or through to a mobile telephone; this would allow two-way conversation and opening of the gate, if required.

Hard wired and wireless systems are available as well as the unlimited range GSM systems. All are extremely reliable and offer full control of the gate.

Each system can also have a digital keypad on the call unit to allow the gates to be operated only by persons with the correct access code.

GSM Intercom

We also offer a more sophisticated GSM intercom. These systems utilise the mobile telephone network, allowing a call to be made from the gate entrance to either your land line or mobile telephone. Again this would allow two-way conversation and operation of the gate system. The beauty of this system is that if the call from the visitor / delivery at the gate is to your mobile phone you could speak to a visitor and operate you gates from anywhere in the world where you’re mobile has a signal.

It will also allow programmed mobile numbers to open the gates, which saves the need for using remote control fobs

The GSM systems are extremely easy to operate and allow you to have full control over the gate system.

Single and multi user systems are available.

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Digital Key Pad

Digital keypads allow persons with the correct access code to operate the gates. The keypads we use will allow over 50 codes to be programmed and codes can easily be individually added or deleted when required.

CDV Video Entry

Video Intercom Systems

As with the voice only system the occupant answers a call, and may allow entry, but also has the benefit of seeing a full colour picture of the visitor on the monitor. Some systems also have the option of memory, so that if calls are made whilst you are out, you are able to review the images of the caller which are stored on the monitor.

603 ABK

Wireless Intercom Systems

This may be used where cabling to the property is difficult, the systems available will operate up to 100 metres in most locations.

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